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Grant Brady

Car Service City is a nationwide, award-winning network of over 60 servicing and repairs workshops for all makes of cars and bakkies.

At the heart of Car Service City’s philosophy and business success is its commitment to offering customers the best quality service through conveniently located workshops, at affordable prices and in the most customer pleasing way. As proof of this commitment, the brand boasts numerous awards, including 2017 Star Reader’s Choice Winner for Best Car Service Centre; 2017 FASA Winner for Franchisor of the Year; 2017 FASA Finalist for Job Creator of the Year; and 2015 FASA Winner for Job Creator of the Year

Established in 2004 by founder and franchisor, Grant Brady, Car Service City is one of three companies under the Car City Holdings umbrella. Car Service City workshops are primarily owned by franchisees with some branches in Johannesburg run by head office in order to keep the service offering in line with customer and franchisee needs.

As a franchise, Car Service City ensures that all its workshops are run by highly trained franchisees and technical staff and are equipped with comprehensive technological resources. For this reason, it doesn’t matter which workshop you walk into – you will always be met with trustworthy professionals ready to offer you quality service you can rely on.

Head office provides all its franchisees with ancillary support and negotiates with suppliers on their behalf for bulk purchase discounts of quality parts – a saving that is passed down to the customer.

In keeping with developing business opportunities for its franchisees and offering customers a one-stop-shop for vehicle maintenance, Car City Holdings has added two other offerings to its stable: Car Wash City and Car Tyre City.

Operating as an add-on service offering to select Car Service City workshops, Car Tyre City provides customers with affordable tyres while Car Wash City keeps your vehicle looking great.

Car Service City is a robust, growing business built on dedication to and consideration for its customers. It’s this passion and commitment that sets us apart as industry leaders.

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Our Mission, Values, Vision & Philosophy

Our Mission Statement

We strive to provide the best quality motor services through conveniently located workshops, at affordable prices – making our brands the consumers’ first choice for motor service, repair and support. This will be executed by the quality trained staff who are motivated to remain loyal and happy. The branches and staff are supported by the dedicated Head Office as well as the financial and management systems. We are committed to our core philosophies and we are proud of our work.

Our Values (for Employees and Franchisees)

  • In a service business, we are only the company we aspire to be with dedicated and talented people.
  • Company culture is an important characteristic of Car Service City.
  • We are a customer orientated business
  • We act with integrity and are honest about our work in order to be fair and ethical
  • Accountability to our customers, franchisees and employees, is clear.
  • Our passion and commitment from our staff set us apart, and therefore we select employees for the long term
  • Skills development, performance rewards and participation in a safe and healthy working environment is offered to all employees
  • Continuous improvement at the branch level from a hands-on involved head office

Our Vision Statement

To be the most recognized, trusted and respected brand in the car service industry.

Our Philosophy

  • Excellence in all we do
  • Our principal assets are our people and reputation. We are committed to maintaining a culture of integrity and strong business principles.
  • The philosophy that we employ for culture fit and skill makes the franchises of Car Service City successful.
  • To deliver quality, relevant information to our franchisees from our vast pool of experience and constant knowledge
  • To understand our franchisees business ambitions – to become the problem solver and opportunity creator for all employees and franchisees.
  • To be committed to the growth of The City Group brand
  • To constantly add value by improving the quality and strength of our relationship with our franchisees, employees, suppliers and customers.
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Retail Motor Industry Organisation
Franchise Association of South Africa

Car Service City formally complies with the principles and procedures of the Franchise Association of South Africa, and hence it also benefits from the services and guidance of this association.

Retail Motor Industry Organisation
Retail Motor Industry Organisation

Car Service City is a member of the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI). As a member, Car Service City abides by the Code of Conduct, which applies to customer and staff-related issues

Retail Motor Industry Organisation
Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa

Car Service City is a member of MIO SA, which acts as an independent facilitator in the event of a dispute with a customer on workmanship performed.

Guarantee and Terms


Your vehicle details as outlined in your service booklet are guaranteed against defects arising from faulty workmanship or parts for a period of SIX MONTHS or 10 000km, whichever occurs first.

This guarantee is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act 2010.

Please read the Terms of Guarantee carefully to ensure the claim is handled in the correct manner in order to benefit from the guarantee.

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Terms of Service

We at Car Service City are committed to providing quality service and repairs.

Once the car has been serviced and repaired, the vehicle is tested to ensure safe, reliable and effective workmanship was carried out by Car Service City.

As with any large, complex mechanical product, faults may occur which are not picked up during the test drive and therefore only become apparent once the vehicle has left the premises.

Should one believe there is a fault with their vehicle, please ensure the car is returned to the Car Service City branch. This guarantee covers any workmanship or defective parts supplied by us, but is subject and limited to the vehicle being returned to our workshop in order for us to repair it. One is unable to make a claim against Car Service City if the car has been assessed or serviced by another workshop other than the Car Service City workshop where the car was originally serviced.

If a dispute arises regarding the service/guarantee, Car Service City will make use of an independent party such as the AA, RMI, or OMI. A report will be generated by the independent party to determine whether the claim is valid. If the report finds the defect arose from faulty workmanship or parts, it will be rectified by Car Service City. If the report determines the defect was due to inherent defects within the vehicle, normal wear and tear, or improper handling of the vehicle, Car Service City will not be held liable.

Please note that the guarantee does NOT cover the following:

  • Costs relating to the fault such as towing fees, hotel charges, loss of personal effects and income, car hire or petrol.
  • Parts which have been purchased by the client and brought to Car Service City to replace.
  • Second hand parts.
  • Any other items, stipulated for whatever reason.

Company Structure

Car Service City Structure