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Terms of Guarantee

Please read these terms carefully

We at Car Service City are committed to providing quality service and repairs.

Once the car has been serviced and repaired, the vehicle is tested to ensure safe, reliable and effective workmanship was carried out by Car Service City.

As with any large, complex mechanical product, faults may occur which are not picked up during the test drive and therefore only become apparent once the vehicle has left the premises.

Should one believe there is a fault with their vehicle, please ensure the car is returned to the Car Service City branch. This guarantee covers any workmanship or defective parts supplied by us, but is subject and limited to the vehicle being returned to our workshop in order for us to repair it. One is unable to make a claim against Car Service City if the car has been assessed or serviced by another workshop other than the Car Service City workshop where the car was originally serviced.

If a dispute arises regarding the service/guarantee, Car Service City will make use of an independent party such as the AA, RMI, or OMI. A report will be generated by the independent party to determine whether the claim is valid. If the report finds the defect arose from faulty workmanship or parts, it will be rectified by Car Service City. If the report determines the defect was due to inherent defects within the vehicle, normal wear and tear, or improper handling of the vehicle, Car Service City will not be held liable.

Please note that the guarantee does NOT cover the following:

  • Costs relating to the fault such as towing fees, hotel charges, loss of personal effects and income, car hire or petrol.
  • Parts which have been purchased by the client and brought to Car Service City to replace.
  • Second hand parts.
  • Any other items, stipulated for whatever reason.

Branch Trading Hours

Weekdays: 07:00 - 17:30
Saturdays: 08:00 - 13:00

All staff will adhere to strict sanitising protocols and social distancing


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