1. The “FREE OIL SERVICE” promotional offer will be limited to the month of July 2020 and between the business hours of 07:00 to 17:30 on Tuesdays only. It shall NOT be available at any other time.

2. The “FREE OIL SERVICE” promotional offer will be available at all certified Car Service City branches and will only be granted upon request of the customer.

3. The “FREE OIL SERVICE” promotional offer will be limited to completing a free oil service which includes engine oil, oil filter and labour only, on condition that front or rear brake pads/shoes as well as skimming or replacement of the brake disks/drums is carried out and that such parts are purchased from the Car Service City branch carrying out the replacement of brakes.

4. The “FREE OIL SERVICE” promotional offer will NOT include any labour/part or incidental labour/part costs associated with the repair and/or replacement of any other car part, product or service thereof.

5. The “FREE OIL SERVICE” promotion, via the website & Social Media & SMS, merely constitutes an invitation by Car Service City for the consumer to make an offer to purchase the products and promotion and Car Service City remains entitled to reject any order without giving reasons therefore.

6. The branch may refuse the “FREE OIL SERVICE” promotion if the branch has reached their maximum bookings for the day which ranges from branch to branch.

7. As erroneous or outdated products, promotions or prices may be displayed on this website from time to time, the consumer agree that Car Service City will not be obligated to sell a product and/or promotion at such erroneous price.