Car Service City is a proud member of the RMI, and has 5-star accredited workshops nationwide.

What is a 5-star RMI accredited workshop?

Being a 5-star accredited workshop means that Car Service City has been certified by the RMI for their excellent service, fair & reasonable pricing, quality goods, and a guarantee on parts and services.

When choosing a Graded workshop, consumers can trust that not only will they receive reasonable pricing and quality service and workmanship, but they also have a recourse for complaints if any problems arise.

A five-star is a prestigious rating because graded workshops have to comply with the highest level of accreditation. To become a five-star graded workshop, MIWA workshops must be fully audited and deliver on requirements around workshop design and equipment, customer satisfaction assessment tools, and service options such as vehicle washing prior to delivery. – https://www.miwa.org.za/

What is the RMI?

The Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI) is a proactive, relevant, retail and associated motor industry organisation recognised as the leading voice in South Africa’s automotive aftermarket. It serves the daily needs of its members and plays a key role in enabling motor trades to deliver a superior service to motoring consumers. Car Service City is a proud member of the RMI.

What does it mean for me?

What this means for you as the customer is that you can be rest assured of the high quality of products & services offered by Car Service City and a recourse should you not be satisfied.


Want to learn more about the RMI? Visit RMI’s Website for more information:

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