Your Right to Repair

The right to choose where you service and maintain your vehicle without losing your warranty!

What is Right to Repair?
Local repair and resale businesses would not exist without consumers purchasing manufactured products. Right to Repair is for the consumer’s right to choose who, what, where, why, when, how, and for how much their equipment is to be repaired.
What does it mean for me?

Right to Repair means that now you as the consumer have the power to select where you want to take your car for all services and maintenance without losing your manufacture warranty..

TIP: Make use of reputable independent service providers (preferably a RMI 5 star graded workshop) and make sure they have sufficient defective workmanship and liability insurance in place, something which, in terms of the Guidelines, all independent workshops are required to tell you.


Right 1

You have the right to choose your service provider

What does this mean?

Independent service providers can now service and perform maintenance on cars both during the in-warranty period and after. “You may choose to service your vehicle at the dealer from whom you purchased your vehicle or you can elect to shop around for the best possible price and service quality.

Right 2

Your warranty is protected even if you do not service and maintain your car at the dealer

What does this mean?

With cost always being an issue, the good news is that consumers can now shop around and are entitled to use non-original spare parts (for example, GUD oil filters) in your vehicle during your vehicle’s in-warranty period and manufacturers are not entitled to void your warranty

Right 3

Your warranty is protected no matter which service provider you choose

What does this mean?

Previously, motor manufacturers would void the warranty if a vehicle was not serviced at the dealership. The Commission has now declared this practice as incompatible with the Competition Act.


Right 4

Unbundling of service/maintenance plans from the price of a vehicle

What does this mean?

When you buy a car, vehicle retailers are now obliged to provide you with separate prices for your vehicle and for any value-added products that they might have on offer, such as service and maintenance plans. Car retailers are also obliged to sell you a new vehicle without a service or maintenance plan if you do not wish to purchase one.

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